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Scales Of JusticeAt Chapman Law Firm, you are important to us and your case matters. Our law firm in Portsmouth, VA, is your source for a number of legal services.

If you are looking for an attorney, it is most likely because you have to go to court. That is what we do. While we specialize in a number of areas of law, litigation is what we do nearly every single day.

When we meet, we will discuss your legal matter in depth and explore the various aspects of your situation, and then, from there, based on our education, training and experience, begin to explore what options you have and to formulate a winning strategy with you.

As you work to decide which attorney is the best fit for you, we are proud to be able be offer to meet with you for no consultation fee in most instances. We have office appointments available throughout the week and on weekends by request.

We are confident that no matter what you’re concerning legal issue may be, we can help you or direct you to the very best person who can.

Contact us in Portsmouth, Virginia, to work with us for your legal situation. Our services are available for clients throughout the area.